Wrapping it up

Kia ora koutou,

Wiki Wednesday has been going for two years, and attendance has trailed off, so I’ve decided to wrap it up following the July 6th, 2016 meeting. Thanks to Alex on Ridgway for hosting us and providing free wifi! I have some new ideas planned for Whanganui and other places, and would look forward to chatting with anyone interested about what we can do next with Wikipedia. In the meantime, the Project Page for Wiki Wednesday will stay, and it has plenty of suggestions for articles that need work.


Mike (User:Giantflightlessbirds)


Wiki Wednesday in 2016

Wiki Wednesday this year is at lunchtime in the Alex on Ridgway—the new temporary location of the Alexander Library on Ridgway St, next to the old post office (many thanks for hosting us!) There are Wiki Wednesdays on the first Wednesday of each month. The next few are March 2nd, April 6, May 4, and June 1. Come along at 12:00 and have a go at improving some Whanganui pages. You can bring your lunch.

January Wiki Wednesday

The first Wiki Wednesday of 2016 will be on January 6, 12:00 noon, at the Alex on Ridgway, 62 Ridgway Street. We’ve had a couple of newcomers to Wikipedia come along, interested in improving articles on riverboats and the Opera House. We’ve also been hard at work on the Whanganui River settlements, creating articles for Koriniti, Parikino, Kaiwhaiki, and Upokongaro. Come join us!

RIver Week Edit-a-thon

On Sunday November 15th, Whanganui will host its first ever Wikipedia Edit-a-thon: an all-day event where people get together to learn how to edit and improve Wikipedia pages on a particular subject. The theme for this one, given it’s River Week, is The Whanganui River. It runs from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm in the temporary home of the Alexander Heritage & Research Library in the old Post Office at 60 Ridgway St, and is free, with lunch and refreshments supplied. The event is generously supported by Whanganui and Partners, the Alexander Library, and the Whanganui Regional Museum.

To find out more about this Edit-a-thon, check out its Wikipedia page. You can register on Eventbrite. Absolute beginners are welcome.

Wiki Wednesday Winter Break

Over winter Queens Park is too cold and dark for people to hang out in a library after hours, so we’re taking a winter break. We’ll be working out a better meeting time and venue when the weather warms up a little. In the meantime, Wiki Wednesday will be organising Whanganui’s first Edit-A-Thon: an all-day weekend introduction to Wikipedia and a chance to improve some of the Whanganui-related pages. Announcements will be posted here, and in the local media as well of course. See you there!

May Wiki Wednesday

We had a great turnout on May 5th, and several new users (including Stephlam and Pungarehu). The next meeting is June 3rd6:30 pm, at the Davis Public Library in Queens Park. Newcomers welcome. Free coffee and hot chocolate!

Article in the River City Press

There was a nice piece about this group in the local weekly paper; here’s the Facebook link and the whole issue online. The text ran as follows:

Mike Dickison at the Museum started up a monthly ‘Wiki Wednesday’ group in August. He did it partially because of his own interest in digital projects but also because of the need to get information about Wanganui out there on the net. To those who might be scornful of Wikipedia he responds that “it is the number one source of information for most people.” It comes out at the top of most Google searches. His motto is – “you can’t ignore it – work to improve it.”

Mike was surprised by how little there is about Wanganui on Wikipedia. Even the museum and the Sarjeant do not get a mention. So the participants in Wiki Wednesday have started to redress the situation adding information to Pakaitore and creating a site on Mayor Charles Mackay.

Mike teaches them the basics and all writing is based on published research. It can be done from home and behind the scenes there is a discussion or talk page. If an article is ‘vandalised’ it is likely to be fixed within minutes, says Mike.

Recently Mike gave a hands-on Wikipedia editing class at the National Digital Forum in Wellington and the idea of Wiki Wednesday is likely to be duplicated around New Zealand. In the short term Mike would like to see it as part of Wanganui’s tourism strategy.

You can’t create a Wiki page about your own institution as you will be suspected of bias and it will most likely be changed anyway, as you have no ownership of any wiki site.

If you are interested in getting involved – and you don’t need to be an expert in anything in particular – pencil in Wednesday, February 4 at the public library at 6.30pm. You will be welcomed, have everything explained and be given a cup of coffee – all at the same time.